Operating snack with health benefits

If your work schedule does not clear the lunch time, but the company did not provide kitchen or dining, the fullness of the stomach during these hours will have to take care of yourself. Labor bites than normal people? Most of all, fast food. Hence the extra weight and higher sugar and fatigue. Easy to correct the situation: you do not even have to carry to the office first, second and compote. All of these products is the nearest supermarket, which can be reach at any time. The main thing to know what to buy.
Namely, bananas, kiwis, apples and pears, oranges. These fruits are always in abundance in the stores. They are easy to clean and even easier to eat. Add to this low-fat cottage cheese fruit basket and get a hearty full meal, rich in protein, vitamins and other beneficial substances. In addition, fructose, an abundance of information contained in them will help cheer up quickly, and permanently retain pectin feeling of satiety.
Not very fond of fruit? Cucumbers and tomatoes in our time can be bought in the summer and winter. Do yourself a lunch salad of vegetables and flavor it with vegetable oil and meal is ready. Bun of wholemeal bread will help keep the satiety for a long time.
You can bring home from the pre-treated carrots. It has virtually no calories, but the useful properties of this vegetable is more than enough. Do not forget to add to it a cup of yogurt or unsweetened yogurt, whereas vitamin A digestion is much better.
Canned vegetables
Of course, fresh vegetables and fruits are much more useful their canned counterparts, however, as they say hunger is not my aunt, and if you really choose between chocolate and caviar, squash, better to make a choice in favor of the latter. It is equally tasty and healthy ready meals from beans. They are rich in vegetable protein and dietary fiber, which means able to quickly get rid of hunger. Suppose that in a drawer is always whole grain wrap crisps – they are an excellent side dish for lecho, bean or vegetable caviar.
Nuts and dried fruits
Complete package of nuts and dried fruits can also be an excellent choice for a snack at the office. Just do not overdo it – a handful that will fit in a fist, would be sufficient. You can add a cup of nonfat yogurt or buttermilk. Vitamin, easy and very useful lunch you provided!
Dairy produce
Do not be tempted by the sweet yogurt and curds. Benefit from them almost nothing. But what, really, you should pay attention, because it is in the low-fat cheese, cottage cheese, fermented baked milk, yogurt and other milk products. Choose them, not by colorful packaging and on the fatty composition – it must be as low as sugar and does not exist. You can not eat cottage cheese “dry”? You can help any child jar sauce. Tasty, quick and very helpful.
And remember:
- Neglecting lunch at work, you run the risk of returning home, to pounce on a meal and eat much more than the;
- Even a light snack at lunch time reduces the production of ghrelin, and will help you not to regret too hearty dinner.
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10 harmful breakfast

Why is cereal, quick cooking oatmeal, juices from the package and even fruit are harmful? Ten “useful” breakfast, which is not helpful.
Most products that are used to eat breakfast, those who are thinking about nutrition, it is hardly useful. Most often, these can be considered as a breakfast dessert. And the effect is akin to, if you had breakfast cake.
1. Sausages
The article of manufacture of sausages is described as receiving the product. That the meat can be considered as part of the minimum. In addition, many different additives that increase the appetite, as well as a preservative nitrin sodium, which causes cancer of the esophagus.
2. Quick-cooking cereals
To speed up the process of brewing grain is a special treatment – the structure is changing, and “slow” carbohydrates are converted into “fast” starches. In addition, the added sugar. It is more logical to consider it a dessert, but not healthy breakfast.
3. Quick breakfast
The product is produced by extrusion – flour, sugar and other additives is converted into a single mass, then the particles form a product (eg, beads). The nutritional value of the product is questionable in view of the vast content of sugar and starch.
4. Dried fruits
Industrial fruits can safely be considered one of the most harmful products – for their production source fruit treated with sulfuric acid and alkali. Not to mention that all this can then soaked in sugar syrup.
5. Muesli
As in the case of dry breakfast, cereal for the production of this product are the primary treatment. As a result, the carbohydrates turn of the “slow” in a fast sugar. In addition, as part of a lot of pure sugar and other sources of empty calories.
6. Curd cheese
At the heart of cheese curds is not cheese, and sugar. In addition, often the product added to vegetable fats, preservatives and artificial flavors. Again, this is more a dessert that should be consumed in limited quantities.

Do you know how harmful chemical additives found in conventional products? E supplements with examples.
7. Bananas and other fruits
All that is said about the benefits of fruits, applies only to those fruits that are grown near the site of the sale. In our country most of the fruit (bananas are the same), imported in the form of a green, artificially bringing to maturity in the gas chambers.
8. Chips and crackers
First, they contain lots of fat (most of all – cheap vegetable analogues), and secondly, it is composed of large doses of flavor enhancers, which only will increase your hunger, third, any beneficial nutrients they do not close.
9. Processed cheese
Let’s start with the fact that during the heat treatment the cheese loses virtually all the benefits of turning into just a greasy product. In addition, the composition of processed cheese are essentially waste products – the cheese that you can not sell a piece.
10. Packaging juices
Despite the fact that the juice of the technology should not include added sugar, often called “reconstituted juice” contain many other simple carbohydrates. In addition, the fact that we believe flesh – not fruit, cake and sugar beet, or pectin.
Remember that high food for breakfast is not so good choice, since it is a large consumption of sugar leads to the deposition of subcutaneous fat. Not to mention the fact that in a few hours you want to eat again.
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With the world on a plate – the national breakfast

Most of the different traditions of the morning can tell travelers, especially traveling. After all hotel guests were forced to learn about spending the night attached to the breakfast. Hospitality offer quite uniformly (that is, globalization!) And exists in three main forms:
- Breakfast is “continental.” Distributed primarily in British and American second-rate hotels. Individual package includes the basic elements of the elementary, that is, a roll or bread, butter and a few slices of cheese. For white bread to offer honey or jam. Drink: tea or coffee. The addition is practically impossible.

- Breakfast “extended continental”. Includes the same elements as the minimum version, but is supplemented yogurt, dry breakfast (cornflakes and cereal) and milk without any restrictions.

- “Buffet”. Offered at the level of the hotels “three stars” or higher. In the public domain (no restrictions on the number) there are breads, snacks, yogurt and dairy products. Often includes hot dishes, fruit, juice choices.

- Individual breakfast prepared at your request. It is proposed or family pansionchikah and guest houses anywhere in Austria or Switzerland, or in upscale hotels, Resort and Spa hotels.

If the average hotel routine you do not appeal to me, feel free to leave the hotel and go to the nearest cafe or bistro, nice to have breakfast …

British …
The subjects of the British Empire is very reluctant to give up a morning cereal, a colorless mixture of oats and water. Well, well cooked oatmeal – it’s a great start to the day, laying the foundation for the stomach to the more dense food. For example, a fried bread with fried egg, fried tomatoes, and even boiled beans. Favourite English marmalade: of bitter oranges.

French …
The notorious «petite dejeuner», consisting of coffee, a croissant and a cigarette, is a mystery to all non-French, so it is meager, to be called a breakfast. All right! A couple of hours after Monsieur again will go to a bistro to take a real dejeuner – Brunch, a long and rich, with cold appetizers, hot dishes and indispensable coffee with milk.

Swiss …
On the table of any self-respecting Swiss hotel is sure to be famous “muesli Birhera”, named after its inventor, physician-Benner Maximilian Birhera. In 1891, he introduced new foods into the diet of their patients of the Zurich hospital “life-giving force.” Since then, there were many in the world of options and very nutritious diet recipe. The original “Birher” prepared as follows: 1 tablespoon oatmeal soaked in 3 tablespoons water for 12 hours or overnight. In the morning a little squeeze, to drain, then mix with 1 tablespoon of cereal sweetened condensed milk and the juice of half a lemon. Grate the rind of one apple and mix it with cereal. Sprinkle with 1 tablespoon crushed nuts.

Japanese …
The descendants of the samurai eat rice for breakfast, fried fish, can take a portion of miso-soup, as well as offer you a dish called Natto. It is mashed fermented soy beans. Think three times before agreeing!

Mexicans …
In the hot climate of Mexico is well used, such savory dishes as tortilla with hot pepper. In addition, Mexicans love fresh fruit and sweet cakes, which makes them all the inhabitants of South America. Because of the heat is hardly served fresh bread – dry biscuits better tolerate humidity.

Catalans …
In the land of the Basques, even breakfast is different from the traditional Spanish and called «pa amb tomaquet» or “bread with tomato.” Thin slices of sweet cakes fried in lightly toasted, then rubbed with garlic and pour tomato pulp frayed. Then add the olive oil. It turns out something like Turi, spicy taste.

Dutch …
Dutch breakfast is akin to Russian (not otherwise, Peter borrowed!): Boiled eggs, sausage, sausages, bread and butter, and even smoked fish. Special Offer: «Hagelslag», spreads on bread, consisting of peanut butter, chocolate syrup and caramel, or crumbs.

Americans …
Not surprisingly, the U.S. population suffers from obesity. Bacon, sausages, corn flakes of corn with milk and fruit, as well as the legendary pancakes with maple syrup – a guaranteed way to potolsteniya!

Australians …
No, kenguryatiny for breakfast just because you do not offer. But “Vedzhimayt” will be bright enough taste experience.
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What you should not feed a man?

Trying tastiest and posytnee feed their households, women do great harm to their health – of course, not wanting it and not even knowing. And it happens almost every day!

Find out what three most harmful food you are cooking for the men to them constantly.
Fried Eggs

The enemy of men’s health. In one large egg contains 213 mg cholesterol, 84 calories. In the eggs contained more than 60% fat, 1/3 of which are saturated. Saturated fats raise blood cholesterol levels. A high level of cholesterol increases the risk of heart attack, stroke, and atherosclerosis.
By the way, atherosclerosis is more common in men older than 35 years old, prone to stress.


In any grilled meat a lot of dangerous fats, saturated with carcinogens. They increase the risk of heart disease, lower levels of omega-3 fatty acids in the body, raise cholesterol levels. From the large amount of fried meat increases cancer risk etsya.

Sausages and Smoked Sausage

They contain nitrates, nitrosamines and other kontserogeny, which can lead to cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.
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Useful for 100% fruit ice

The recipes of fruit juice ice is sometimes found, but frozen fruit juice I somehow feel sorry for – it is better to drink it. In addition, frozen smoothie is more textured, especially with the addition of berries. In this recipe, the ingredients were those who were in the country. Feel free to experiment with other combinations of fruit. Fragrant herbs vary the taste. Purple basil, which I added in a single layer, is also decorated in color.

It is best to choose the cream of the small molds. You can buy special plastic molds for the Eskimo or the usual small plastic cups. Among them will be easy to pull out the ice, while maintaining its shape. We have found in the country only glass cups for shots in which I poured over the evening three layers of smoothies, and in the morning with the power of her husband pulled out of them ready to ice.

Melon – the nerves, peaches – for expectant mothers


Useful for strengthening the nervous system. Its flesh is a substance that helps the production of serotonin – “the hormone of happiness.” If you felt sad, eat a couple slices of melon – and the mood will improve! There are many, and the enzymes necessary for the blood that helps to recover after surgery, ulcer relapse. It has a diuretic effect. But a lot of sugar in the melon, do not lean on her diabetes and “hepatic.”


The pulp contains 80% water, plant sugars, vitamins (B1, B2, PP, C, folic acid, carotene), potassium, iron, magnesium, calcium, amino acids. Ripe – not nitrate – Watermelon maintains acid-alkaline balance in the blood, helps to remove wastes, including hazardous heavy metals, and even increases the adaptability of the organism. Watermelon diet is good for obesity, anemia, gout (salt imbalance). This berry has a strong diuretic effect, therefore, for kidney stones and serious problems with the pressure to limit doctors recommend a couple of slices of watermelon a day.

Apricots, peaches

Fresh ripe apricots and peaches are high in fiber and low in calories, are a good source of beta-carotene – an antioxidant that prevents the degeneration of cells and helps the blood vessels. And because of phosphorus and magnesium improve memory and increase efficiency, have a positive effect on the brain vessels and help carry an emotional overload. In peaches a lot of iron and folic acid. If you do not have allergies, these fruits are very good in pregnancy: 2 – 3 ripe peaches on the day will help reduce the manifestations of toxicity, and even cope with bouts of nausea.

Also, these southern fruits have a laxative effect. So they overeat even healthy is not worth a day preferably not more than 300 – 400 grams of apricots and peaches.


The source of lycopene. This substance not only makes tomatoes red, and antioxidant properties. Tomatoes are especially useful for the prevention of prostate cancer in men, ovaries and uterus – in women. Moreover, lycopene is better absorbed from the fresh fruit is not as well stewed, baked, as well as tomato paste. The daily prophylactic dose of lycopene – 10 – 15 mg. It can get to choose from: 0.5 kg of fresh tomatoes, 2 cups tomato juice, or 3 – 4 tablespoons of tomato sauce.

Tomatoes are rich in potassium, which is useful for cardiac patients. Tomato juice gently lowers arterial and intracranial pressure, it is useful to drink with hypertension and glaucoma.

But in tomatoes are high in fiber and acids. Because you should not have a lot of fresh tomatoes for people suffering from gastritis with high acidity and inflammation of the gallbladder.


Its fresh juice is good for metabolic disorders, diabetes. A glass of juice fasting helps to cardiac or renal edema. In the pumpkin a lot of zinc salts (they increase male potency). Vitamin E smoothes and moisturizes the skin. In the pulp of the pumpkin contains much of value to a growing body of vitamin D. Pumpkin is useful for liver and kidney (prevents the formation of stones). Pumpkin seeds – recognized vermifuge.


Wrong to think that the cucumber, “a water”. They contain vitamins (C, B1, B2, PP), sugar, a lot of mineral salts. Since most of the salt – alkaline, cucumber juice reduces the acidity of gastric juice. As well as the body flushes out toxins and wastes. The high content of potassium relieves the body of excess water and salt, helps to remove the sand from the kidney, beneficial for the heart and liver. In order to lose weight is useful once a week to arrange unloading “cucumber” days: divided into the three meals a kilo of cucumbers with gryadochki – and nothing else is. Cucumbers – one of the few vegetables that are more useful than immature. No wonder the people are valued so little cucumbers.

But for fresh cucumbers do not overlap with gastric ulcer and gastritis with low acidity.

A rich breakfast helps lose weight

American nutritionists consider regular meals in the morning one of the most important features of a healthy lifestyle. As shown by a study which was attended by more than two thousand teenagers, breakfast increases the level of physical activity of man, his immune system and overall tone. Last but not least the role played by the factor that is usually for the morning meal the whole family, and food control teen parents. The menu in this case is more useful compared to a set of products that are adolescent snack during the day.

If a full-bodied man, determined to watch their weight, for the sake of the refuse from the breakfast, he just loses. The fact that the morning portion of the calories helps quell hunger arising during lunch time, and lets not load up before bedtime. The good old principle of “Supper give the enemy,” yet none of the scientists decided not to revise.

As compiled by American researchers statistical report, had breakfast teens weigh on average 2.3 kg less than their peers neglect breakfast. Pediatricians say that breakfast improves adolescent physical activity through rational learning derived calories throughout the day. Paradoxically, eating breakfast people consume more calories than those who refused his morning meal, but weigh less. “It may seem strange, but the tone makes breakfast provided generously to spend the accumulated energy, and it helps burn fat” – explains lead researcher Mark Pereira.

The secret of cereal

The most important place in the diet was porridge in Russia, even among the people called “promateryu bread.” Even in Russia, cereals have been very popular dish, and the best oatmeal recipes have survived to this day. It was cooked from buckwheat, barley, oats, corn and other cereals.

Just cook fish porridge: whitefish, Herring, Sturgeon … most likely the fish finely crumbled and added to different cereals. And if you ran the mess onions and vegetable oil, a dish called gruel.

By the way kutya is also a kind of porridge, but it was prepared from rice, barley, wheat, added honey, raisins, poppy i.t.d, but had kutya memorial ritual significance. Few people have so many varieties of cereals best recipes like Russian.

So what is it good sprosity you?
Quite simply, not only that, porridge cooked cereal grain, which in its composition is still a useful product as cereal has a high nutritional value and its diet cure many diseases, but buckwheat can display harmful substances from the human body.

Kashi can be combined with milk, meat, lard, vegetable dishes, mushrooms, fruits. Rejecting the use of cereals, including its food for the elderly or nursing babies, we make a mistake.

And best of which cereals are prepared meals have much nutritional value, such as 100 g of buckwheat is 12.6, the protein, 68 g carbohydrates, magnesium, iron, calcium, phosphorus and potassium are many, vitamins PP, B1, B2-and such different characteristics have different grains (oats, wheat). Contained in the protein porridge is well absorbed by the body and the energy value is about 330-360 calories per 10 grams of this product.

If we consider that the porridges can be added various additives: butter, milk, fruit, we can safely say, porridge is not equal to any other food on their value and simplicity.

The history sushi

Birthplace of the original land was South Asia. Peeled, cut fish was packed layers, pour salt and fell under a stone press. A few weeks later the stones were removed and replaced with a light cover. Held for several months, during which the fish was wandering, and then it was considered ready to eat. Some restaurants in Tokyo still offer these original land called narezushi, made with freshwater carp. This dish is so strong and pungent smell, it makes it difficult to identify the fish from which it is prepared and narezushi only acquired taste.

This was before 1900, when a talented chef named Yohei decided to abandon the process of decay and serve sushi in the form now become traditional, that is handed the fish raw. The novelty quickly became popular, and then there are two different styles of cooking. Kansai – the style of the city of Osaka, Kansai region, and Edo style from Tokyo, which was then called Edo. Osaka has always been the commercial capital of Japan, and local vendors came to the land of rice, which represented a certain way cooked rice mixed with other ingredients, placed in a beautiful, edible forms of packaging. Tokyo, located on the shore of rich fish and shellfish bay, offering nigirizushi, representing a piece of fish on a small lump of flavored rice.

Today, even the Japanese have recognized nigirizushi original land, when in fact it is not so. Kansai (Osaka) of land have a long history and gorazdoslozhnee in cooking than nigirizushi, and only a small portion of Japanese people know about it.
It is interesting to note that the original figure of the land not used for food. The fact that the Chinese character for the land, is translated as “pickled fish”. More than a thousand years ago the figure was not only a staple food, but also the main means of preserving fish. Fresh fish is cut into small pieces, which are then covered plentifully with salt and mix with rice. Rice was subjected to natural fermentation, through which fish can not spoil during the year. As necessary, it fetched from the mixture and bring to the table, and become useless throwing rice or used for pickling of new portions of fish.

Only in the sixteenth century, the fermented rice from pickled fish started to eat, and sing, he gradually turned into a major and integral component of the land. Rice began to add in the mushrooms, vegetables and other foods, with new dishes with unusual and peculiar taste. By this time, were invented ways to fast-track the fermentation of rice, which enabled him to acquire new taste is not for the months and years, as a matter of days. B seventeenth century there was already present rice land, which consisted of boiled rice, rice malt, seafood and vegetables. Because of the service component for marinating fish fermented rice has become the basis for a new dish.
The next stage in the development of the land was added to the rice vinegar with spices that made it unnecessary prolonged fermentation. Vinegar is usually rice FDI fruit, mixed with salt water, sometimes adding to it sugar, mirin, sake, honey, seaweed, and then pour this mixture of boiled rice, to which was added the fish, seafood, vegetables and kept some time under pressure. The resulting dish has become so popular that around Ido, as Tokyo was called up in 1868, began to open shops, snack bars and restaurants that served a variety of types of land or specially processed rice sold for self sushi at home
Since then, the process of preparing the land, remaining basically unchanged, does not cease to evolve and improve, to grow with new recipes. Because of this dish is constantly gaining more and more fans. The reason is simple. In order to make an aesthetically attractive, appetizing and delicious sushi, do not need to follow the contrived dogmas and adhere to certain requirements. A distinctive feature of the land lies in the fact that it is enough to understand how to prepare it, and you can venture to use the full power of his own imagination and ingenuity, inventing their own recipes and experimenting with ingredients, a list which may be limited only by your personal taste preferences. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you use the recipes offered as a starting point, a model based on which you will be able to fully create and dream as a chef.
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Eat breakfast yourself.

It is widely believed that eaten at night are automatically converted into fat, but that is eaten for breakfast – burns without residue. This is not the case. Fullness of human movements and the lack of abundant food, instead of when he ate the morning or evening (another thing that eating late is not too good for the quality of sleep). Many scientists believe that everyone, especially adults, can start your daily diet right from noon. A view of the importance of a hearty breakfast, according to some reports, was “put into circulation” American manufacturers of cornflakes.

Suschestvuyuschuya saying “Eat breakfast yourself, share dinner with a friend and give dinner to the enemy” is likely far from the truth. In Western Europe during the Middle Ages was distributed saying, “Get up at 6:00, lunch at 10, dinner at 6 and go to bed at 10 – then lengthen the lives of ten times ten.” After a rest during sleep, our body does not need immediately upon awakening in a lot of food.

Digestion of food – a heavy physiological act. At this time, about 75% of the blood goes to the stomach, and the process of digestion takes 3-4 hours. It turns out that a good breakfast and went to work, we thus do not give food digested properly, it irritates the stomach wall and, consequently, causes trouble with it.

The expert on nutrition and longevity, a physiologist, Ph.D., VA Tuev advises: “… You just need to ease your own breakfast – cereal, apples, juice – anything that is easily digested.

It is impossible in the morning to eat meat, fish, or can be a stomach ulcer. It is better to move the “heavy” foods for the evening.

Ideal in terms of physiology – sleep after eating. Experiments have been conducted on animals and it was proved that if food is easy, easy, well-digested. ”

Those who are firmly in the morning at breakfast, lunch and dinner meals choose low-fat. The proper breakfast provides the body with vitamins and minerals that people need during the day.

Being a high-calorie bakery products, they also contain vegetable fibers that provide a feeling of satiety. In moderate amounts (2-4 sandwiches) they do not lead to obesity, even if the bread spread with honey or jam. Use whole-grain bread – it has a lot of vitamins.

Fruit Oranges and grapefruit are rich in vitamin C. Fresh juice should be drunk almost immediately, because vitamin C is quickly destroyed in the light. Fruits are also rich in dietary fiber.

Eggs contain a protein that is optimal for human amino acid composition. Egg protein is better absorbed after preliminary heat treatment. Those who have elevated cholesterol levels is not recommended to use more than 3-4 eggs a week.

Dairy products also calcium and protein, they contain vitamin A.

Grain corn, oats, barley, supplemented with raisins and nuts contain complex carbohydrates, which for a long time, provides the body with energy. They are also rich in fiber and minerals.

Coffee, Tea Caffeine – a great stimulator of the brain. But we should not abuse it: 5-6 cups of coffee can trigger an attack of angina and heart rate acceleration. Theophylline contained in tea, is also a stimulant, but a cup of tea it is less than a cup of coffee. Tea with milk is less aggressive to the stomach, it is a very nutritious dish. Although in the end, no matter what you’re used to eating for breakfast: fruit, or porridge, the main thing – do not skip this meal.

Fun facts about vegetables

10th place: Turnips sown once the mouth. The fact that a very small turnip seeds: 1 kg to more than a million, and hand them just do not throw. However, do not care – it is not easy, so the best “plevalschiki” appreciated and revered by the people. In the bursa of spanking said: “This is not to sow turnips!”

# 9: Boil beets in Russia used as a disinfectant, and, of course, ate and cooked and raw. And she came to us from Byzantium, as indicated by the origin of the Russian name from the Greek “sfekeli.”

8th place: There are many types of cabbage: of red, white cabbage, cauliflower … cauliflower cabbage called Mark Twain, who graduated from college. Broccoli Americans call “cabbage with a university education.”

7th place: Potatoes appeared in Europe in the mid-17th century as an ornamental plant. It is said that a certain admiral had brought the plant to England when he was grown, treated his friends stems and leaves, fried in oil. Guests long spat. In the XVIII century in Russia at the court of this dish was served as dessert. Before use, it was cooked and thickly sprinkled with sugar.

6th Place: Pea was the first vegetable, closed in a tin can.

5th place: Cucumber at the beginning of the XVIII century in England was a rarity, and doctors were competing in the search of his negative qualities. Some thought it simply poisonous, others – a “cooling” and causing the common cold.

4th place: Tomato is really considered toxic. For example, in his book “The Complete Guide to Gardening,” published in Denmark in 1774, wrote: “The fruits are extremely harmful, as maddening those who eat them.” In Russia for a long time tomatoes were called “crazy berries”.

3rd place: Carrots in 1991 in Europe is considered a fruit. Within the EEC no one else dares to call it a vegetable or root crops. It allows the Portuguese to continue to manufacture and export of carrot jam, because, according to European standards, the jam is made only from fruit.

2nd place: Experts have not yet decided, vegetables or fruit is pineapple. At the time of Catherine II’s great-gourmets used it extensively in the feasts, though unusual for us to read. Thus, Count Alexander Stroganoff is filed in vinegar, and the Count Zavadovskiy is shredded like cabbage, kept in pots and cooked this soup and soup.

1st place: One of the most interesting vegetables is arctic hell. It can be seen in distant Greenland. It is flourishing, even when severe frosts occur.
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After the meal, the brain “sleeps”

Experts at the University of Manchester found that brain cells that are responsible for the waking state, abruptly “switched off” after a meal. According to researchers, this discovery may be useful in developing treatments for obesity, eating disorders and narcolepsy in the study.

As a result, the researchers concluded: people, like animals, become drowsy and less active after a meal, which, in general, and there was no secret to anyone, as many of us love to take a nap for an hour the other at a comfortable sofa. “Sedated” of the brain occurs because the blood glucose level rises, and certain brain cells stop sending signals, resulting in our body in vigorous condition.

It turns out that glucose affects the cells that synthesize orexin – a hormone that affects sleep and wakefulness. Violation of these cells leads to narcolepsy – uncontrolled falling asleep, as well as to obesity. Also, these cells play an important role in the learning process in forming relationships, and influence behavior, aimed at having fun. The fact is that in the membrane of neurons, orexin-secreting, there is a channel that is sensitive to fluctuations in blood glucose levels. Through this mechanism, scientists can now explain the desire to sleep after eating, or, conversely, insomnia on an empty stomach.
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